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Title Author
 關於證成唯識之因明論證的幾點看法:回應John Taber 所謂的稻草人論證=Some Remarks on the Argument for vijñaptimātratā: A Reply to John Taber [Fulltext]
胡志強 (著)=Hu, Chih-chiang (au.)
 《大乘起信論》中的大乘論:以法義結構為中心的心識理論=The Philosophy of Mind in the Awakening of Faith in Mahāyāna: A Theory of Mahāyāna Formulated on the Model of “Fa-yi” [Fulltext]
金濤 (著)=Jin, Tao (au.)
 數位人文分析的探索性遠眺:以宋、元、明《楞嚴經》的註釋傳統為例=The Exploratory Overlook from the Perspective of Digital Humanities: Case Study in the Commentarial Tradition of Lengyan Jing in Song, Yuan, Ming Dynasty [Fulltext]
楊志常 (著)=Yang, Chih-Chang (au.); 洪振洲 (著)=Hung, Jen-jou (au.); 周邦信 (著)=Zhou, Ray Bang-xin (au.)


n.43 [2022.06Published]

Title Author
 雪峰慧空禪師「入世間」偈頌析論=An Analytical Discussion of Chan Master Xuefeng Huikong’s "This-Worldly" Gāthā [Fulltext]
黃啟江 (著)=Huang, Chi-chiang (au.)
 支謙譯《佛說維摩詰經》呼語語序及其標點=Constituent Order of Vocative Expression and Its Punctuation in Vimalakīrtinirdeśa Sūtra of Zhi Qian’s Translation Version [Fulltext]
林家妃 (著)=Lin, Chia-fei (au.)
 阿母風流出當家:女性公案「城東老母」之啟悟與形象=The Elderly Woman with Ishvara Presenting Wisdom with Liberty: Enlightenment and Image of the female Chan Buddhist Public Case "The Elderly Woman Living in the Eastern City" [Fulltext]
蘇美文 (著)=Su, Mei-wen (au.)


n.42 [2021.12Published]

Title Author
 佛教梵語sparśa-vihāra(觸住/觸安隱住/ 安樂住)在《雜阿含經》(T99)與 《別譯雜阿含經》(T100)之語境用例考察=A Few Examples of Buddhist Sanskrit sparśa-vihāra ( 觸住 / 觸安隱住 / 安樂住) Which Occur in the Context of Chinese Saṃyukta-āgama (T99, T100) [Fulltext]
釋惠敏 (著)=Huimin, Bhikkhu (au.)
 論巴利語論書對「法處」的不同認識=On the Different Understanding of “Dhammāyatana” in Pāli Abhidhamma Commentaries [Fulltext]
劉勁松 (著)=Liu, Jin-song (au.)
 春花或金屑?——紫柏真可的禪教觀及其背後的反智識主義難題=Flowers as Spring or Gold Dust as Film in the Eyes? Zibo Zhenke’s View on the Relationship between Chan and Doctrine and Its Problems on Anti-in tellectualism [Fulltext]
林悟石 (著)=Lin, Wu-shi (au.)
 基於新見文獻的明清因明史重構=A Reconstruction of the History of Buddhist Logic in Ming and Qing China Based on New Materials [Fulltext]
陳帥 (著)=Chen Shuai (au.)


n.41 [2021.06Published]

Title Author
 析論偈頌語言現象與唐宋古德詮釋發展的關係 - 以《華嚴經》放光見佛偈為例=“The Light Which Lets One See the Buddha” in the Huayan Sutra: Linguistic Features of the Original Verses and Their Hermeneutical Development by Tang-Song Scholars [Fulltext]
釋堅融 (著)=Shi, Jian-rong (au.)
 「默默忘言、昭昭現前」 - 東亞佛教文化視野下的曹洞宗與默照禪=“Silently and Serenely, Forgetting All Words, Clearly and Vividly, It Appears before You”: Caodong School and Silent Enlightenment from the Perspective of East Asian Buddhism Culture [Fulltext]
 「佛陀為本」vs.「聲聞為本」 - 太虛與印順「判教」思想之對比考察=“Buddha-based” versus “Śrāvaka-based”: A Comparative Study of the Philosophy of Pan Jiao between Taixu and Yinshun [Fulltext]
林建德=Lin, Kent Chien-te
 當代正念課程批評者的雄辯修辭 - 來自正念減壓教學者的回應=The Rhetoric of Critics of Contemporary Mindfulness-Based Programs: An Response from a MBSR Teacher [Fulltext]
溫宗堃 (著)=Wen, Tzung-kuen (au.)


n.40 [2020.12Published]

Title Author
 據《大般若經.第七會.曼殊室利分》 建構通向菩提道的愛情觀=Constructing a View on Love Leading to the Path to Enlightenment: Based on the 7th Assembly of the Sutras of the Perfection of Wisdom [Fulltext]
蕭哲沅 (著)=Hsiao, Che-yuan (au.)
 近世禪宗清規中的金錢觀=Money in Early Modern Chinese Chan Buddhist Pure Rules [Fulltext]
徐維里 (著)=Hsu, Philip Wei-li (au.)
 晚明《成唯識論》註釋傳統的重新建構 — 數位量化人文的視角=How Was the Commentarial Tradition of Cheng Weishi Lun Rebuilt in Late-Ming? The Quantitative Perspective of Digital Humanities [Fulltext]
楊志常 (著)=Yang, Chih-Chang (au.)
 由智顗之「事一心、理一心」論聖嚴之 「統一心、無心」 — 以常行三昧念佛方法為主=From Zhiyi’s “Concentration on Phenomena and Concentration on Principle in One Mind” to Investigate Shengyen’s “United-mind” and “No-mind” [Fulltext]
釋修優 (著)=Shi, Xiu-you (au.)


n.39 [2020.06Published]

Title Author
 以「四悉檀」論佛典的性別教化=Discussing the Gender Education of Buddhist Scriptures with “Four Siddhanta” [Fulltext]
蘇美文 (著)=Su, Mei-wen (au.)
 清辨的二諦之道=Bhāviveka’s Way of Two Truths [Fulltext]
林恕安 (著)=Lin, Su-an (au.)
 爐鞴與兵法 — 晦山戒顯《禪門鍛鍊說》的兩種概念譬喻探析=Furnace and the Art of War: Study of Two Conceptual Metaphors of Hui Shan “the Book of Zen Exercise” [Fulltext]
周玟觀 (著)=Chou, Wen-kuan (au.)


n.38 [2019.12Published]

Title Author
 「一與二合,數則為三」? ── 蕭統〈二諦義〉之命意及其與 「三諦」思維的交涉研究=Does “One plus Two Equal Three”?: A Study on the Negotiation between the Implied Meaning of Xiao Tong’s “Philosophy of Two Levels of Truth” and Ideological Trend of Current “Triple Truth” [Fulltext]
紀志昌 =Chi, Chih-chang
 元曉的相違決定量及與文軌的互動=Wǒnhyo’s Antinomic Inference and His Debate with Mungwe [Fulltext]
湯銘鈞 =Tang, Ming-jun
 龍濟禪寺開山祖傳奇 ── 〈聽經猿記〉的文本策略=The Legend of Founder of Longji Ch’an Temple: The Literary Strategies of “The Story of an Ape Listening to Sutra” [Fulltext]
司徒秀英 =Si Tou, Sau Ieng


n.37 [2019.06Published]

Title Author
 早期佛教經典的模板現象 — 以含佛陀證悟宣言定型文句經群為例=Textual Templates in Early Buddhist Texts: A Study of Suttas Associated with the Buddha’s Enlightenment Announcement [Fulltext]
釋見勛 =Shi, Jianxun
 《瑜伽師地論.攝事分》之《雜阿含經》 摩呾理迦(本母)引用〈聲聞地〉內容考察=Cross-references to the Śrāvakabhūmi in the Saṃyukta-āgama mātṛkā transmitted in the Vastusaṃgrahaṇī of the Yogācārabhūmi [Fulltext]
釋惠敏 =Huimin Bhikshu
 慧可所傳達摩的安心禪法=Bodhidharma’s Chan Method for Pacifying the Mind as Transmitted by Huike [Fulltext]
陳平坤 =Chen, Ping-kun
 佛教的沐浴修行 — 以佛陀僧團、漢傳禪宗為主=The Bathing Practice in Buddhism: Focusing on Buddhist Sangha and Chinese Zen [Fulltext]
蘇美文 =Su, Mei-wen


n.36 [2018.12Published]

Title Author
 從使用因明談清辨是否繼承龍樹的精神=Does Bhāviveka Inherit Nāgārjuna? -From the Perspective of the Use of Hetuvidyā [Fulltext]
林恕安 (著)=Lin, Shu-an (au.)
 窺基《說無垢稱經疏》中三性注釋特色 —以〈序品〉注疏及玄奘「有趣、無趣」 譯文為探討=A Study of Kuiji’s Commentary on the Vimalakīrti-nirdeśa —The Distinctive Feature of His Exegesis of Three Natures in the fi rst chapter and Compared to Xuanzang’ translation of Āgati [Fulltext]
 佛壇後壁背面觀音造像研究 —從「施食」的觀點切入=Explaining the Beizuo Guanyin Behind the Back Wall of Buddhist Alter —A Food Bestowing Ritual Perspective [Fulltext]
陳明華 (著)=Chen, Ming-hua (au.)


n.35 [2018.06Published]

Title Author
 「雖作是說而不如說」之去蔽顯實的語言觀 — 以《大般若經.第十六會》為依據=“But Again It Is Not So As One Speaks of It.” with a View from Language to Remove Mask and Reveal Reality: Based on the 16th Assembly of the Prajñāpāramīta-sūtras [Fulltext]
 楊岐方會生平及禪學探究=A Study of Master Yangqi Fanghuei’s Life and Zen [Fulltext]
張國一=Chang, Gwo-yi
 從佛教死亡觀檢視當代腦死判準=Research on the Issue of Brain Death Criteria from the Buddhist View of Death [Fulltext]
凃均翰 (著)=Tu, Chun-han (au.)


n.34 [2017.12Published]

Title Author
 漢傳、日本因明學對「合」的理解: Anvaya 還是 Upanaya?=The Understanding of He in Chinese and Japanese Hetuvidyā: Anvaya or Upanaya? [Fulltext]
陳帥 (著)=Chen Shuai (au.)
 The Contrast of Late Ming Weishi Commentaries and Edo Weishi Commentaries on Xuanzang’s Guan suoyuanyuan lun=晚明和江戶唯識註釋的比較 —以《觀所緣緣論》為例 [Fulltext]
 聖嚴思想融合性之歷史根源與特色=The Synthetic Tendency of the Thought of Master Sheng Yen: Its Historical Origin and Characteristics [Fulltext]
王宣曆 (著)=Wang, Hsuan-li (au.)


n.33 [2017.06Published]

Title Author
 《維摩詰經》敦煌藏文寫本殘卷 PT610、PT611 研究= An Investigation into the Tibetan Dunhuang Manuscripts on Vimalakīrtinirdeśa PT610 and PT611 [Fulltext]
林純瑜 (著)=Lin, Shen-yu (au.)
 化城與邊地:明末憨山的施茶觀與其修弘歷程=Conjured City and Frontier: Hanshan’s Philosophy of Tea Giving and the Course of His Cultivation in the End of Ming Dynasty [Fulltext]
蘇美文 (著)=Su, Mei-wen (au.)
 蓮生敘事:比較宗教象徵研究=The Religious Narratives of Lotus-birth: A Comparative Study of Religious Symbol [Fulltext]
吳有能 (著)=Ng, Yau-nang William (au.)
 梁漱溟出入儒佛的生命軌跡=Liang Shu-ming’s Track of Life Between Confucianism and Buddhism [Fulltext]
黃文樹 (著)=Huang, Wen-shu (au.)


n.32 [2016.12Published]

Title Author
 統略本《淨住子》懺法的引經模式與編撰觀點試論=On the Quotation Model and Viewpoints of Compilation of the Abridged Version of the Repentance Dharma of Jingzhuzi (Ascetic Practitioners) [Fulltext]
紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.)
 道心說前史 — 兼論中國思想中心體義的展開=Prehistory of the Theory of Tao Mind (Daoxin): With Additional Remarks on the Development of the Idea of Ontological Mind (Xinti) in Chinese Thought [Fulltext]
林永勝 (著)=Lin, Yung-sheng (au.)
 佛教初期寫經坊設置蠡測=A Preliminary Study of Early Buddhist Scribal Workshop [Fulltext]
崔中慧 (著)=Tsui, Chung-hui (au.)


n.31 [2016.06Published]

Title Author
 漢譯《大般涅槃經》思考方式研究=Study on the Meditative Methods in the Chinese Version of the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra [Fulltext]
涂艷秋 (著)=Tu, Yen-chiu (au.)
 首楞嚴三昧與佛性:以《佛說首楞嚴三昧經》與《大般涅槃經》為主要文獻依據=The Śūraṃgama-samādhi and the Buddha-nature: Based on the Śūraṃgamasamādhisūtra and the Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra [Fulltext]
釋證真 (著)=Shih, Cheng chen (au.)
 檢視「空有不二」做為說明佛教 「不二中道」之概念=A Critique of the Term“ The Nonduality of Emptiness and Existence” in Its Elucidation of Buddhist Non-dualistic Middle Path [Fulltext]
王美瑤 (著)=Wang, Mei-Yao (au.)


n.30 [2015.12Published]

Title Author
 《大乘莊嚴經論》的兩種唯識三性說模型=Two Models for the Theory of Three Natures in the Mahāyānasūtrâlaṃkāra [Fulltext]
耿晴 (著)=Keng, Ching (au.)
 歷代僧傳「感通夢」的書寫與特色=The Writing and Feature of the “Dream of Spiritual Resonance” in the Biographies of Monks through the Ages [Fulltext]
梁麗玲 (著)=Liang, Li-ling (au.)
 佛教藝術裏的肉髻僧人形象及其興衰的成因=Images of Monk with Uṣṇīṣa in Buddhist Art and the Reasons of the Rise and Fall of This Iconography [Fulltext]
朱天舒 (著)=Zhu, Tian-shu (au.)
 蘇曼殊文學作品中的佛教思想=Revealing the Buddhist Thoughts in Mandju’s Compositions [Fulltext]
潘啟聰 (著)=Poon, Kai-chung (au.)


n.29 [2015.06Published]

Title Author
 梵本《大乘莊嚴經論》之「八何詞(kāpadeśa)」、「八若詞(yāpadeśa)」研究=A Study on the Instruction by Interrogative Pronuns (kāpadeśa) and by Relative Pronouns (yāpadeśa) in the Sanskrit Text Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkāra [Fulltext]
釋惠敏 (著)=Shih, Hui-min (au.)
 寂護與蓮華戒的唯識立場:以《攝真實論疏》(Tattvasaṃgrahapañjikā)〈考察外部對象品〉(Bahirarthaparīkṣā)對妙護(Śubhagupta)的回應為線索=A Study on the Consciousness-only Doctrine of Śāntarakṣita and Kamalaśīla: With Focus on Their Refutations to Śubhagupta in the Bahirarthaparīkṣā of Tattvasaṃgrahapañjikā [Fulltext]
茅宇凡 (著)=Mao, Yu-Fan (au.)
 所知障:在梵文構詞異讀、概念邏輯關係及釋義學的反證之間=Obstruction of Knowledge (Jñeyāvaraṇa): Among Sanskrit Compounding, Logical Analysis of Concept and Hermeneutic Rebuttal [Fulltext]
劉宇光 (著)=Lau, Lawrence Y. K. (au.)
 Life of Pi: A Story of Suffering and Liberation from Buddhist Interpretation=以佛法的觀點詮釋《少年Pi 的奇幻漂流》: 有關苦難與解脫的故事 [Fulltext]
Hsu, Hui-fen (著)=徐惠芬 (au.)


n.28 [2014.12Published]

Title Author
 《舍利弗阿毘曇論》入品與相應品關於心所有法的規定=Exploring the Definition of Cetasika based on Chapters Sense Fields and Associations of Shelifu Apitanlun [Fulltext]
 《辯中邊論》頌文中的兩種唯識三性說模型=Two Models for the Theory of Three Natures in the Madhyântavibhāga [Fulltext]
耿晴 (著)=Keng, Ching (au.)
 Medieval Chinese Buddhist Exegesis and Chinese Grammatical Studies=漢傳佛教注疏與中古漢語文法學 [Fulltext]
鄧偉仁 (著)=Teng, Wei-Jen (au.)
 晚明義學僧一雨通潤及其稀見著作考述=A Study on Yiyu Tongrun's Life and Rarely Known Works [Fulltext]
簡凱廷 (著)=Chien, Kai-ting (au.)
 再議「中國佛教文學史」的建構=Discussion again on the Constructing of “The History of Chinese Buddhist Literature” [Fulltext]
蕭麗華 (著)=Hsiao, Lee-hwa (au.)


n.27 [2014.06Published]

Title Author
 六十卷《華嚴經》「始成正覺」的敘事與詮釋的開展=Development of the Narrative and Hermeneutics of the “Primal Accomplishment of the Right Awakening” in the Huayan sūtra(60vol. ed.) [Fulltext]
郭朝順 (著)=Kuo, Chao-shun (au.)
 汾陽善昭之文獻、生平、思想研究=A Study of Master Fen Yang Shan Zhao's Literature, Life and Thought [Fulltext]
張國一 (著)=Zhang, Guo-yi (au.)
 管東溟《續原教論評》析探=An Analysis of Guan Dongming's Critique of the Supplement to the Treatise in Defence of Buddhism [Fulltext]
吳孟謙 (著)=Wu, Meng-qian (au.)


n.26 [2013.12Published]

Title Author
 法身為真如所顯 -- 論《能斷金剛般若波羅蜜多經釋》對於法身的界定=The Dharma-body as the Disclosure of Thusness: On the Characterization of the Dharma-body in the Nengduan jingang banruo boluomi jing shi [Fulltext]
耿晴 (著)=Keng, Ching (au.)
 法相宗「轉依」之「依」義研究=A Study of the “Basis” (Āśraya) in the “Transformation of the Basis” (Āśraya-parivṛtti/ Āśraya-parāvṛtti) in the Chinese Yogācāra School [Fulltext]
趙東明 (著)=Chao, Tung-ming (au.)
 唯識學「所知障」概念:譯詞評議、 研究檢討、部派溯源及東亞展望=Vijñānavādian Concept of Jñeyāvaraṇa: Review, Reframe and Prospection of the Modern Scholarship [Fulltext]
劉宇光 (著)=Lau, Lawrence Y. K. (au.)


n.25 [2013.06Published]

Title Author
 風穴延沼禪師之研究=A Study of Master Fengxue Yazhao [Fulltext]
張國一=Chang, Gwo-yi
 山嶽與修行:弘法大師山居詩研究=A Study of Kobo-Daishi's Mountain Living Poetry [Fulltext]
蕭麗華 (著)=Hsiao, Li-hua (au.)
 《起信論》傳承說=The Transmission Discourse of Qixinlun [Fulltext]
金濤=Jin, Tao


n.24 [2012.12Published]

Title Author
 法眼文益悟道歷程及其史傳文獻意義考=A Critical Examination of the Biographical Accounts of Fayan Wenyi's Enlightenment Experience [Fulltext]
黃繹勳 (著)=Huang, Yi-hsun (au.)
 The Formula “Non-A is A” in Vasubandhu's commentary on the Triśatikāyāḥ Prajñāpāramitāyāḥ Kārikāsaptatiḥ=《金剛般若論頌》中「非A即A」句型初探 [Fulltext]
Choong, Yoke-meei (著)=宗玉媺 (au.)
 松源崇岳生平及其禪思與禪風=The Life of Chan/Zen Master Songyuan Chongyue, His Chan/Zen Thoughts, and His Chan/Zen Style [Fulltext]
邱敏捷 (著)=Chiu, Min-chieh (au.)
 反工夫的工夫論 -- 以禪宗與陽明學為中心=Anti-Gongfu as a Gongfu Theory: with Special Focus on the Chan/Zen and the Yangming School of Thought [Fulltext]
林永勝 (著)=Lin, Yung-sheng (au.)


n.23 [2012.06Published]

Title Author
 丁福保及其《六祖壇經箋註》=Ding, Fu-bao and his Liu zu tan jing jian zhu(The Annotation of the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch) [Fulltext]
趙飛鵬 (著)=Chao, Fei-pang (au.)
 西夏本《近住八齋戒文》考釋 [Fulltext]
 鈴木大拙與東亞大乘觀念的確立 -- 從英譯《大乘起信論》(1900年)到《大乘佛教綱要》(1907年)=D. T. Suzuki's Conception of East Asian Mahayana Buddhism: An Investiation of Rhetoric Implications in his English Works [Fulltext]
龔雋 (著)=Gong, Jun (au.)
 一行慧覺及其《大方廣佛華嚴經海印道場十重行願常徧禮懺儀》=Yixing Huijue and his Huayan Repentance Ritual [Fulltext]
索羅寧 (著)=Solonin, K. J. (au.)


n.22 [2011.12Published]

Title Author
 對呂澂《大乘起信論》考證的再審視=A Re-examination of Lü Cheng's Reasoning That The Awakening of Faith Is a Chinese Fabrication [Fulltext]
 敦煌藏文文獻編目整理、出版方面的成果回顧及未來研究趨勢之展望 [Fulltext]
 即心是佛、無心是道:唐代黃檗希運禪師之心體觀=Huangbo Xiyun's View of the Mind [Fulltext]
 日僧俊芿與南宋文人士大夫的交往=The Dissemination of Chinese Buddhism into Japan: The Case of the Japanese monk, Junreng [Fulltext]


n.21 [2011.06Published]

Title Author
 功夫試探 -- 以初期佛教譯經為線索=The Search on Kung-fu: Citing Examples from Earlier Buddhism's Translated Scriptures [Fulltext]
林永勝 (著)=Lin, Yung-sheng (au.)
 女性公案:季總禪師之性別智教化=Female Zen Case: Zen Master Ji Xong's [Fulltext]
蘇美文 (著)=Su, Mei-wen (au.)
 佛教宗教暴力:問題意識、案例與研究回顧=Religious Violence of Buddhism: Issue, Episode and Literature Survey [Fulltext]
劉宇光 (著)=Lau, Lawrence Y. K. (au.)


n.20 [2010.12Published]

Title Author
 「迦羅」(Kala)或「三摩耶」(Samaya)? -- 以「時間」議題論《大智度論》批判實在論的哲學問題=Kala or Samaya?: On the Philosophical Problems of the Mahaprajñaparamitopadesa's Critique of Realism regarding the Issue of Time [Fulltext]
嚴瑋泓 (著)=Yen, Wei-hung (au.)
 幻化之影:唐代狂僧垂跡的形象及其意涵=The Image and Meaning of the Mad Monks in Tang dynasty [Fulltext]
黃敬家 (著)=Huang, Jing-jia (au.)
 全唐五代僧人詩格的詩學意義=The Poetics Value of Buddhist Priest's “Rules of Poetry” in Tang and Five Dynasties [Fulltext]
蕭麗華 (著)=Hsiao, Lee-hwa (au.)


n.19 [2010.06Published]

Title Author
 僧肇的實相哲學 -- 以〈不真空論〉為主要典據的義理論述=Seng-chao's Philosophy of Thorough Reality: A Theoretical Discussion Based on "Bu-zhen-kong-lun" [Fulltext]
陳平坤 (著)=Chen, Ping-kun (au.)
 天台宗圓教法門之詮釋與普及化問題探討=On The Interpretation and Popularization of Practice's Ways of "Perfect-teaching" in T'ien-tai Buddhism [Fulltext]
林志欽 (著)=Lin, Chih-chin (au.)
 從絕對無到空的哲學 -- 從京都學派內部思想談西谷啟治《宗教是什麼》的成立脈絡與立場=From Absolute Nothingness to the Philosophy of Sunyata: Exploring the context and standpoint of Nishitani Keiji's Religion and Nothingness from Kyoto School's persective [Fulltext]
吳翠華 (著)=Wu, Tsui-hua (au.); 陳一標 (著)=Chen, I-biau (au.)


n.18 [2009.12Published]

Title Author
 中世紀中國在家菩薩之懺法: 對《大通方廣懺悔滅罪莊嚴成佛經》的考察=An Investigation of a Confessional Ceremony in Medieval Chinese Buddhism [Fulltext]
周伯戡 (著)=Chou, Po-kan (au.)
 夢即佛法 -- 徹庸周理《雲山夢語摘要》研究=A Study of Cheyongzhouli's A Summary of Yunshanmengyu [Fulltext]
徐聖心 (著)=Hsu, Sheng-hsin (au.)
 Allan Wallace「冥想科學」意識研究之檢視=An Investigation of on Allan Wallace's Consciousness Studies of Contemplative Science [Fulltext]
林建德=Lin, Kent Chien-te


n.17 [2009.06.30Published]

Title Author
 一法界的世界觀、住地考察、包容說 :以《不增不減經》為依據的共生同成理念=A Worldview of One Dharma-dhatu, Examination of Abiding-places, and Inclusivism: The Ideas of Co-arising and Mutual Accomplishment in the Anunatvâpurnatva-nirdesa [Fulltext]
蔡耀明 (著)=Tsai, Yao-ming (au.)
 天台宗教觀思想體系及其對應關係 -- 兼論化法四教之關係=The Ideological System and Its Inside Corresponding Relationship of T'ien-t'ai Buddhism [Fulltext]
林志欽 (著)=Lin, Chih-chin (au.)
 吉藏解經的基本立場及其主要方法=The Primary Standpoint and Approaches of Chi-Tsang's Interpretation of the Buddhist Sutras [Fulltext]
簡凱廷 (著)=Chien, Kai-ting (au.)


n.16 [2008.12Published]

Title Author
 第四禪「捨念清淨」(upekkha-sati-parisuddhi)一語的重新解讀 -- 兼談早期佛教研究的文獻運用問題=Upekkha-sati-parisuddhi of the Fourth Jhana: A Linguistic Reinterpretation Along with a Discussion of the Use of Literatures in Studies of Early Buddhism [Fulltext]
蔡奇林 (著)=Tsai, Chi-lin (au.)
 以菩提道的進展駕馭「感官欲望」所營造的倫理思考:以《大般若經.第十二會.淨戒波羅蜜多分》為依據=Ethical Thinking in Coping with Sensual Desires from the Perspective of Progression on the Path to Enlightenment: Based on the 12th Assembly of the Sutras of the Perfection of Wisdom [Fulltext]
蔡耀明 (著)=Tsai, Yao-ming (au.)
 光宅法雲《法華經義記》的詮釋觀點=The Hermeneutical View of Fayun's Fahua Yij [Fulltext]
李幸玲 (著)=Lee, Hsing-ling (au.)
 虛假當念之時間構造 -- 以天臺宗及華嚴宗為主=The Temporal Structure of the Delusory Mental Activity according to the Chinese Huayan- and Tiantai-Teaching [Fulltext]
漢斯魯道夫康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.)
 巴壺天對「禪公案」的詮釋=Interpretive Thinking of Ba Hu-Tian on “Zen's Public Cases” [Fulltext]
邱敏捷 (著)=Chiu, Min-chieh (au.)


n.15 [2008.06Published]

Title Author
 《婆沙論》三譯本及其成立=The Three Versions of Chinese Translations of the Vibhāṣā-Śāstra and their Formation [Fulltext]
周柔含 (撰)=Chou, Jou-han (compose)
 從漢譯《中論》的對反詞組析探其思維理路=An Analysis of the Reasoning of Antonyms in the Mulamadhyamakakarika [Fulltext]
林建德=Lin, Kent Chien-te
 龍樹與休姆對有神論的批判之比較研究=A Comparative Study on Nagarjuna's and David Hume's Criticism of Theism [Fulltext]
劉嘉誠 (撰)=Liu, Jia-cheng (compose)
 伏獅女禪--祇園之禪教化與性別智=Fu-Shih Female Zen: Zen Education [Fulltext]
蘇美文 (撰)=Su, Mei-wen (compose)


n.14 [2007.12Published]

Title Author
 邏輯或解經學--初期大乘瑜伽行派「四種道理」理論性格之研究=Logic or Hermeneutics: On the Theory of "Four Methods of Reasoning" in the Early Yogacara School [Fulltext]
林鎮國 (撰)=Lin, Chen-kuo (compose)
 巴利經典文獻中定型文句的一些特徵=Some Characteristics of the Fixed Units of Wording in the Pali Sutta Literature [Fulltext]
越建東 (撰)=Yit, Kin-tung (compose)
 雪竇重顯禪師生平與雪竇七集之考辨=A Preliminary Study of Chan Master Xuedou's Life and Works [Fulltext]
黃繹勳 (撰)=Huang, Yi-hsun (compose)
 火.爐.土.均--覺浪道盛與無可弘智的統攝之學=The Integrative Symbols of Fire/Furnace by Jue-lang Dao-sheng and Earth/Pottery [Fulltext]
徐聖心 (撰)=Hsu, Sheng-hsin (compose)
 台灣人間佛教的兩種淨土觀點--以印順法師與李炳南居士為例=Two Conceptions of Pure Land in Taiwan's This-Worldly Buddhism [Fulltext]
吳有能 (撰)=Wu, Yau-nang (compose)
 杜永彬博士《更敦群培評傳》--兩點商榷=A Critical Review of Du Yongbing's Biographical Study on dge 'dun chos' phel [Fulltext]
劉宇光 (撰)=Liu, Lawrence Yu-guang (compose)