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注記: 本刊自1990年10月起改版為新一期,期數另起。 封面副題名:《東方宗教討論會論集》。

n.新5 (總號=n.7) [1996.10 出版]

n.新4 [1994.10 出版]

n.新3 [1993.10 出版]

n.新2 [1991.10 出版]

n.新1 [1990.10 出版]

n.2 [1988.09 出版]

n.1 [1987.09 出版]

n.新5 (總號=n.7) [1996.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 關河的禪法 -- 中國大乘禪法的肇始 [全文]
賴鵬舉 (著)=Lai, P'eng-chiu (au.)
 清辨《中觀心論》及其《思擇炎》對瑜伽行派三性思想之批判 [全文]
 戒律之原理 -- 以不殺生戒為例=The Principle of the Monastic Precepts--Taking the Precept of "No Killing" as an Example [全文]
釋昭慧 (著)=Shih, Chao-hui (au.)
 以羅祖為例管窺其對晚明佛教之衝擊 [全文]
釋見曄 (著)=Shih, Chien-yeh (au.)


n.新4 [1994.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 戒律與政治, 法律原理之同異=Differences in the Principles of Monastic Precepts and the Law [全文]
釋昭慧 (著)=Shih, Chao-hui (au.)
 真諦的「三性」思想 -- 以《轉識論》為中心=Paramarthas Doctrine of Tri-svabhava [全文]
 曇鸞的淨土思想 -- 兼論北魏金石碑銘所見的淨土=Tan-Laun's Pureland Thought: Comparing to the Pureland Found in Bei-Wei Dyansty's Inscriptions [全文]
 澎湖宮廟小法的普唵祖師之探源=A Study on The Pu-An Zen Master of Hsio-Fa of Taoist Temples In Peng-Hu Islands [全文]
吳永猛 (著)=Wu, Yung-meng (au.)
 祖師傳承說的石刻例證 -- 龍門看經寺洞羅漢群像考=The Legendary Lineage of Ch'an Partriarches Euidenced by Reliefs: A Study of the 29 Arahant Images in the K'an-ching-szu Cave of Lung-men Grottoes [全文]
陳清香 (著)=Chen, Ching-hsiang (au.)
 關河的三世學與河西的千佛思想=The School of Three Periods Versus the Thoughts of a Thousand Buddhas: The Spread of Buddhist Thoughts and Imagery from Chang-an to Ho-hsi [全文]
賴鵬舉 (著)=Lai, P'eng-chiu (au.)
 明太祖的佛教政策及其因由之探討=The Buddhist Policies of the Ming Emperor, Hung-wu [全文]
釋見曄 (著)=Shih, Chien-yeh (au.)


n.新3 [1993.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 東晉慧遠法師《法性論》義學的還原=A Reconstruction of the Doctrines of Hui-yuan's "Treatisc on the Dharma-Nature" (Fa-hsing lun) [全文]
賴鵬舉 (著)=Lai, Peng-chu (au.)
 智軍的《見差別》蕃本試譯(中)=Chinese Translation of "1Ta ba' i khyad par" [全文]
 遠離邪命非法 -- 《阿含經》裡釋迦牟尼佛對出家眾所示占相、咒術的態度 -- 兼論他對神通的看法="Distance yourselves from the false and from that which runs counter to the Dharma": Sakyamuni's Instructions to the Monastic Order Concerning Fortune-telling and Spells as reflected in the Agamas-also including a discussion of Sakyamuni's position concerning supernormal powers. [全文]
羅正心 (著)=Luo, Cheng-hsin (au.)
 清辨對瑜伽行派的三性思想之批判的探討 -- 試以《般若燈論》第二十五章有關唯識學的附錄部分為解釋線索=Bhavaviveka's Critique of the "Three Nature" Theory in Yogacara [全文]
曹志成 (著)=Tsau, Ji-cheng (au.)


n.新2 [1991.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 炳靈寺169窟無量壽佛龕所涉之義學與禪學=The Amitabha Crypt in Gave No.169 of Ping-ling Monastery and its Relation to Buddhist Doctrine and Meditational Practice [全文]
賴鵬舉 (著)=Lai, P'eng-chiu (au.)
 晚明〈物不遷論〉的諍辯研究 -- 諸家的意見與空印鎮澄的答辯=The Debate over the Wu pu ch'ien lun in the Late Ming: the Different Positions and K'ung-yin Chen-ch'eng's Response [全文]
江燦騰 (著)=Jiang, Cian-teng (au.)
 彭際清與戴震的儒佛論辯 =The Confucian-Buddhist Debate Between Tai Chen and Peng Chi-ching [全文]
釋慧嚴 (著)=Shih, Huey-yen (au.)
 聲聞律之制定意義=The Significance of the Establishment of the Nikaya Vinaya [全文]
釋昭慧 (著)=Shih, Chao-hui (au.)
 國立故宮博物院典藏《大藏經》滿文譯本研究=The Manchu Version of the Tripitaka Housed in the Archives of the National Palace Museum [全文]
莊吉發 (著)=Chang, Chi-fa (au.)
 台灣區域性宗教組織的社會文化基礎=Regional Religious Organizations and their Social and Cultural Foundations [全文]
林美容 (著)=Lin, Mei-rong (au.)
 中國思想與大乘佛教 [全文]
 《大智度論》之作者及其翻譯=The Translation and Authorship of the "Ta-chilh tu lun" [全文]
釋印順 (著)=Shih, Yin-shun (au.); 釋昭慧 (記錄)=Shih, Chao-hui (rec.)


n.新1 [1990.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 呂澂與熊十力論學函稿評議=A Critique of the Discussion on Buddhism Contained in the Letters between Lue Chen and Hsiung Shih-li [全文]
江燦騰 (著)=Jiang, Cian-teng (au.)
 東魏武定元年銘石造釋迦五尊立像略考 -- 造像記文的造像像主與造像對象試析=A Brief Study of A Standing Stone Sculpture with Five Sakyas that was Inscribed in the First Year of the Wu-ting Reign(543 A.D.) of the Eastern Wei Dynasty: An Attempted Analysis of [全文]
林保堯 (著)=Lin, Bao-yao (au.)
 梁武帝受菩薩戒及捨身同泰寺與「皇帝菩薩」地位的建立=The Bodhisattva Ordination of Emperor Wu of Liang and the Establishment of His Position as "Imperial Bodhisattva" [全文]
顏尚文 (著)=Yan, Shang-wen (au.)
 從《歷代三寶記》論費長房的史學特質及意義=A Discussion of the Historical Significance and Special Historiographic Qualities of the Record of the Three Precious Ones in History by Fei Ch'ang-fang [全文]
阮忠仁 (著)=Juan, Chung-jen (au.)
 當代台灣佛教「出世」性格的分析=An Analysis of the Nature of "Beyond This World" in Contemporary Buddhism on Taiwan [全文]
 佛教諸種道德之現代詮釋=A Variety of Buddhist Virtues: A Modern Exposition [全文]
鄭學禮 (著)=Jeng, Shyue-li (au.); 李明芳 (譯)=Lee, Ming-fang (tr.)
 台灣地區光復後佛教出版刊物的內容分析 -- 佛教文化思想變遷初探=An Analytical Investigation into the Evolution of Buddhist Culture and Thought Contained in Buddhist Publications of the Taiwan Area after 1945 [全文]
姚麗香 (著)=Yao, Li-hsiang (au.)


n.2 [1988.09出版]

タイトル 著者
 東魏武定元年銘石造釋迦五尊立像略考 -- 造像記文的用語、紀年、意旨試析=An Analysis of the Style and Its Chronlogical Development of the Stone Inscription of Eastern Dynasties' Buddhist Statues [全文]
林保堯 (著)=Lin, Bao-yao (au.)
 王政與佛法 -- 北朝至隋代帝王統治與彌勒信仰=Dharma and Sovereignity: Belief in Matriya and Emperial Reigns from Northern Dynasties to the Sui Dynasty [全文]
陳華 (著)=Chen, Hua (au.)
 西方淨土變相的源流及發展=Origin and Development of Western Paradise [全文]
陳清香 =Chen, Ching-hsiang
 台灣當代淨土思想的新動向 -- 思想史的探討=A New Tread of Pure Land Sect in Contemporary Taiwan [全文]
江燦騰 (著)=Jiang, Cian-teng (au.)


n.1 [1987.09出版]

タイトル 著者
 《般舟三昧經》的阿彌陀佛觀=View of Amitaabha in the Pratyutpanna-samaadhi Suutra [全文]
陳敏齡 (著)=Chen, Ming-ling (au.)
 《三法度論》初探=A Preliminary Study in the Tridharmaka `Sastra [全文]
周伯戡 (著)=Chou, Po-kan (au.)
 僧肇之「有無同義」思想=Sang-chao's Idea of "The Oneness of Being and Non-being" [全文]
余崇生 (著)=Yu, Chong-sheng (au.)
 宋代政府對於寺院的管理政策=The Government Policy of Buddhist Sa^ngha in the Sung Dynasty [全文]
黃敏枝 (著)=Huang, Min-chin (au.)
 朱熹排佛與參究中和的經過=Chu Hsi's Rejection of Buddhism and His Comprehension of "Great Harmony" [全文]
蔣義斌 (著)=Chiang, I-pin (au.)
 晚明佛教復興運動背景的考察 -- 以憨山德清在金陵大報恩寺的磨鍊為例=Apprenticeship of Han-shan Te-ching -- A Background Study in the Revival of Late Ming Buddhism [全文]
江燦騰 (著)=Jiang, Cian-teng (au.)