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出版社: International Academy of Buddhism, Hsi Lai University 出版地: California, USA I  S  S  N : 1530-4108
刊行頻度: 巻号と出版年: v.1(2000)- ウェブサイト: http://journal.uwest.edu/index.php/hljhb
内容紹介: The journal is directly linked to the annual Conference on Humanistic Buddhism which is conducted in January. Keynote addresses of plenary sessions will be available to participants in the Journal. proceedings of the previous conference along with selected papers presented to panels will also be published.

v.8 [2007 出版]

v.7 [2006 出版]

v.1 [2000 出版]

v.8 [2007出版]

タイトル 著者
 Mind in the Views of Buddhism and Cognitive Sciences [全文]
Lee, Ming
 Reason as Employed by the Buddha: Its Originality and Mystical Foundations [全文]
Szkredka, Slawomir
 Purification Buddhist Movement, 1954-62: The Recovery of Traditional Monasticism from Japanized Buddhism in South Korea [全文]
Mun, Chan-ju
 Wang Enyang's Response to Modern Science in Early Twentieth Century [全文]
Chen, Huai-yu
 Buddhism and Scientific Methods [全文]
Chang, Otto H.
 Ecological Perspectives in Buddhism [全文]
Ramanujam, Geetha
 Buddhism and Science: A Century of Investigation [全文]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Buddhist Medicines in Chinese Literature [全文]
Long, Da-rui
 Parallels in Engineering and Humanistic Buddhism [全文]
Wong, Winie
 Ethics of Wealth and Poverty: Examination of Buddhist View-Point in Present Millennium [全文]
Sinha, Neelima


v.7 [2006出版]

タイトル 著者
 Buddhism and the Study of Philosophical Approaches to Economics [全文]
Lancaster, Lewis R.


v.1 [2000出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Three Treasures and "Humanistic" Buddhism of the 20th Century=三寶與二十世紀之「人間」佛教 [全文]
Lancaster, Lewis
 Humanistic Buddhism in Tibetan Tradition=從西藏佛教看人間佛教 [全文]
Santucci, James
 Wisdom and Compassion: Two Paradigms of Humanistic Buddhist Movements=慈悲與智慧 -- 人間佛教二模範 [全文]
Bond, George D.
 Buddhism and Psychotherapy: The Role of Self-control Strategies=佛教與心理治療 -- 自我控制的角色 [全文]
de Silva, Padmal
 Book Review: "Reinventing the Wheel", by Peter D. Hershock [全文]
Graham, Tom
 Book Review: "Food for the Thinking Mind", by K. Sri Dharmananda [全文]
Punyasiri, Apwekke
 Humanistic Buddhism as Conceived and Interpreted by Grand Master Hsing Yun of Fo Guan Shan=星雲大師對人間佛教的認知與詮釋 [全文]
Kimball, Richard L.
 Humanistic Buddhism from Venerable Tai Xu to Grand Master Hsing Yun [全文]
Long, Da-rui
 Humanistic Elements in Early Buddhism and the "Theravada Tradition"=原始佛教與南傳佛教中的人道觀 [全文]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review: "What in Brief is Buddhism", by Ananda W. P. Guruge [全文]
Thich, An-Hue
 Book Review: "Free at Last in Paradise", by Ananda W. P. Guruge [全文]
Grey, Leslie
 Book Review: "Suramgamasamadhisutra", Tr. By Etience Lamotte [全文]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Review of John Powers (tr.), Wisdom of Buddha: "A Translation of the Saµdhinirmocana Sutra" [全文]
Graham, Tom
 Book Review: "The Voice of the Buddha: The Beauty of Compassion (Lalitavistara)", Tr. by Gwendolyn Bays [全文]
Santucci, James A.
 Book Review: "The Biographical Scripture of King Asoka", Tr. by Li Rongxi [全文]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review:"Zen and the Brain", by James H. Austin [全文]
Thich, An-Hue
 Book Review: "Dhammapada 1", by dGe-'dun Chos-'phel [全文]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review: "Nepalese Caitya", by Niels Gutschow [全文]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review: "Soka Gakkai", by Phillip Hammond & David Machacek [全文]
Muny, Michael